SMP Account Balance Requirement

Important End-of-Year Update on School Meals Program

Your Community Superintendent
May 08, 2024
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As we approach the end of another successful school year, we want to remind you about an important matter regarding the school meals program to ensure everything is in order for your convenience.

Approximately one week before the end of the school year, your School Meals’ Program staff may initiate garnishment procedures against the military pay of sponsors with negative balances of $25 or more. In addition to the debt amount, each garnishment will include a $35 service fee.

Please ensure your account balance is zero or positive by 15 May for New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico schools and 29 May for Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina schools. Also ensure that your student’s account has a sufficient positive balance to pay for meals for the remainder of the school year. Positive balances on the last day of school will carry over to the new school year or may be collected when disenrolling your student.

Online payments are the most convenient method for payment. We suggest funding multiple accounts all at once to minimize the $2.60 per transaction fee. However, if you prefer, you can bring cash to the cafeteria manager without incurring any fees. Instructions and guidance on online payments can be found on your school’s website. Simply visit the School Meals Program page and click on “Accounts and Payments.”

If you are unsure of your student’s meal account balance, you can create an account online using your student’s 10-digit student ID, which can be obtained from your school’s registrar or School Meals Program staff. NOTE: A zero or positive account balance is required to be cleared by your school when disenrolling your student.

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